Our Mission

Our Story

In 2003 the Vetal-Clínica  Veterinária do Alto Alentejo, Lda. was created, with the goal of implementing a project of medical and veterinary care in the region of the Alto Alentejo and with innovative services. This resulted in the inauguration of a Medical and Veterinarian Care Center (CAMV), on 11 November of 2005. The body of 3 veterinarians and an initial auxiliary was being gradually expanded, with the inclusion of new veterinarians with particular dedication to a particular area and one body of veterinary nursing support.

With the great acceptance that the initial project deserved by the public, was the need to expand the facilities, on the one hand, improving customer service and, on the other, more specialized services, including, above all, greater service area, an area devoted to esthetics and animal hygiene, support offices and meeting/training rooms, pet shop and an equine sector. This resulted in a project of expansion and restructuring of facilities that opened in November 2014.

At the same time diversified and expanded the services, the equipment was widened and innovated, increasing also the specialization in areas such as equine reproduction, hospitalization of livestock species and equines, services to the small ruminants, reproductive technology in livestock species, imaging (imagiologia), clinical analysis, among others. Through the partnership with the company Evetal – eventos Lda, it is possible to have multiple services to animals and with animals such as the Centro Hípico do Alto Alentejo, the Canine Hotel of the Alto Alentejo, among others. So it is with great pride that we present ourselves as Complexo Veterinário do Alto Alentejo.

Our Vision

Provide veterinarian and medical care to pets (dogs, cats and others), horses and animals in livestock species (bovines, sheep, goats, pigs, other). We aim to provide a professional service in several areas, with a permanent coverage to ensure assistance 365 days a year, easily accessible and with a close relationship to our users because it is for them that we exist.

It was intended to also provide referral services and additional means to other veterinarians, CAMV and other technicians from the Animal Area, providing some necessary services in the region.

We maintain a continuous development of the various business areas, with continuing education, modernization of equipment, integration of new collaborators, increasing our responsiveness and interacting with users in order to understand the needs and expectations of the Society and the position that the Animal occupies in it.


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